What Does This
Surgery Address?

Jaw surgery aims to correct functional and cosmetic discrepancies in the face. Depending on the type of surgery, it aims at its most fundamental level to improve the relationship of teeth and jaws to each other together with optimising and harmonising facial appearance. At its more complex, it may improve speech, breathing, chewing, while simultaneously balancing the different parts of the face, teeth, lips, nose and chin into an aesthetic harmonious unit. As a consequence it has been shown to improve Quality of Life as a result of better function, increased self-esteem and confidence. It is one of the few interventions in surgery where aesthetic enhancement and functional improvement are interdependent.

How Do We Plan Your Case Digitally?

Dr Akash Sachdeva commitment to precision in orthognathic surgical planning is exemplified by the use of cutting-edge digital technology that enhances his hands-on approach to planning. As a prospective patient, you can expect a meticulous and advanced approach to your case, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored to your unique facial anatomy.
During our initial encounter, a provisional plan is shared to communicate the broad aspects of the treatment. This plan is based on the specific needs of each case and the essential information required for collaboration with orthodontists and patients. Initial imaging, whether plain X-rays or 3D CT scans, is conducted as needed. However, the final plan and surgical hardware are consistently developed using digital 3D CT and cutting-edge digital printing technology.

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